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Silikone von Dow Corning
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Silicone, together with our electronic devices, helps us work faster and more efficiently.


Did you know ... in electronics, reliability and longevity are highly dependent on temperature. Temperature reductions
as small as >5°C (>41°F) can
double the service life of an
electronic device!

Silicone Electronic Solutions

Silicone enables the development of electronic devices that are easier to use and more powerful, versatile, and cost effective

Without silicone, many of the electronic innovations we take for granted today might not exist.

Click the Fascinating Silicone - SIlicon Electronics - Product Development & Applications icons on the photo to see how much you already know about the many uses for fascinating silicones.

  • On the corner, colorful electronic billboards containing high-brightness LEDs assembled and protected with silicones capture attention while conserving energy. Read Silicones and LEDs – paving the way to a brighter future.
  • In your car, silicones insulate and protect sensitive automotive electronics that must perform in hot, harsh engine compartment environments.
  • In your home, silicones are enabling a new generation of “thinking” appliances.

Did you know...  semiconductors – which are essential components of virtually all electronic devices – are made from hyper-pure silicon and protected by silicone


Why silicone materials excel in electronics applications

  1. Silicones can be designed to be either electrically conducting or non-conducting.
  2. Silicones engineered to be thermally conductive have thermal management capabilities that minimize heat build-up.
  3. Silicones can provide the optical clarity and light transmittance required for many advanced photonic and LED applications.
  4. Silicones offer the adhesion, flexibility, and resilience required to seal and protect electronic devices from moisture, dust, and mechanical stress caused by impact and vibration.
  5. Silicones resist heat and cold, thermal shock, oxidation, moisture, chemicals, and ultraviolet radiation. This enables them to perform reliably under harsh conditions.
  6. Silicones are more durable than many organic materials and perform longer under certain conditions.
  7. Silicones have flowing, wetting, adhesion, and cure properties that help speed and simplify processing. Plus many silicones are repairable, which reduces scrap and waste.

The silicone advantage

Silicones give electronics designers and manufacturers incredible design freedom and processing flexibility.

  • The proven performance of silicones can speed new product development.
  • The unique processing properties of silicones can increase productivity and reduce manufacturing costs.

The improved reliability and service life of devices fabricated with silicones make them the choice of consumers everywhere.

Learn about other competitive advantages of silicones.

Did you know ... silicone materials permit lead-free solder processes that help electronics manufacturers comply with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (RoHS)! 


Versatile material options
Silicones for electronics come in many forms:

  • Optically clear resins for lens molding and conformal coating Coatings, elastomers, and gels for protecting, potting, and encapsulating
  • Assembly sealants and adhesives
  • Fluids for removing fabricating process residues

Learn more about the different forms of silicone.

Did you know ... silicones can be hard or soft, flexible or rigid!

Open the silicone toolbox to learn more about the many things silicones can be and do.

Expand your understanding

Easy reading:
Silicones: Changing the Picture of Electronics Worldwide (PDF SIze 358 KB)

Silicones and LEDs – paving the way to a brighter future

Success story:
Silicone gel protects water meter circuits from severe conditions

For electrical engineers:
High-Performance Silicone Materials for High-Brightness LEDs (PDF Size 229 KB)

Silicone Materials for Optical Applications (PDF Size 85 KB)

Learn about silicones from Dow Corning: Visit the Dow Corning Electronics Solutions website.

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