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Silikone von Dow CorningWir helfen Ihnen, die Zukunft zu gestalten.
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Silicone helps strengthen the infrastructure, interconnected networks, facilities, and institutions that enable communities to serve and protect their people.


Did you know ... since the 1940s, there has been a steady increase in the
use of silicone
technology in paints
and coatings!

Silicone Paints and Coatings

Silicones provide long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for tough paint and coating challenges

Paints and coatings formulated with silicones can withstand some of the most challenging operating conditions and environments on earth.

Click the Fascinating Silicone - Silicone Paints & Coatings - Dow Corning icons on the photo to see how much you already know about the many uses for fascinating silicone.

Did you know ... by combining fluoro with silicone technology, it is possible to create high-value coatings with anti-staining, easy-clean, anti-graffiti properties!


Why silicones excel in high-performance coatings and decorative paints

  1. Silicones improve the durability of paints and coatings.
  2. Silicones resist corrosion, electrical discharge, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
  3. They are highly resistant to weathering and the sun’s UV rays.
  4. Silicones enhance gloss and color retention.
  5. Silicones are compatible with many organic resins and can be applied to almost any material or surface.
  6. Water-based, solid flake, and 100% silicone liquid silicones enable formulators to reduce the volatile organic content (VOC) of their formulations.

The silicone advantage

Silicones give paint and coating formulators an extremely flexible chemistry that can be tailored to meet almost any paint or coating challenge – from performance, to cost effectiveness, to compliance with environmental regulations.

Learn about other competitive advantages of silicones.

Versatile material options

Silicones for paints and coatings come in many forms:

  • Solid flake, solventless liquid, and solid flake resins for formulating decorative paints and high-performance coatings
  • Elastomers for architectural coatings
  • Fluids, emulsions, and dispersions for use as problem-solving additives

Learn more about the different forms of silicone.

Did you know ... silicone resins can be hard and brittle or soft and flexible!

Open the silicone toolbox to learn more about the many things silicones can be and do.

Expand your understanding

Easy reading:
Silicon-based technology adds strength and durability to high-performance protective coatings (PDF Size 148 KB)

Silicone coating technology gives barnacles the “slip”

For formulators and chemists:

The evolution of silicon-based technology in coatings (PDF Size 315 KB)

Learn about silicones from Dow Corning:

Visit the Dow Corning Paints and Coatings Solutions website.

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Did you know ... a single silicone paint additive can provide as many as five different performance benefits. And while silicones may cost more than some other materials, they are effective at such low concentrations, they often cost less to use!

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