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Silikone von Dow Corning
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Silicone helps keep the lights on in our homes and the equipment running in our factories.


Did you know ... silicone transformer fluid has a lower heat release rate, lower smoke generation,
and lower toxicity of combustion by-
products than other
transformer oils!

Silicone protects power supplies from dangerous and costly interruptions

Click the Fascinating Silicone - Silicone for Electric Power Applications  icons on the photo to see how much you already know about the many uses for fascinating silicone.

 Did you know ... repairing underground cable with silicone injection cable repair technology can extend the cable’s
life for up to 20 years! Learn about underground cable
repair technology
from Dow Corning.

Why silicone materials excel in electric power and utility applications

  1. Proven performance in coastal and high-contamination areas
  2. Long-term resistance to atmospheric and chemical degradation
  3. Outstanding UV resistance compared to other elastomers for the same application
  4. Retain their physical properties at extreme temperatures
  5. Low fire hazard and low toxicity
  6. Sustained hydrophobicity; reduced current leakage, less dry-band arcing and lower risk of flashovers
  7. Silicone composite insulators are less susceptible than glass or porcelain insulators to damage; because they are lighter weight, they also cost less to transport

The silicone advantage

Silicones last longer and perform better than other materials in challenging environments. They reduce power outages, extend the life of power transmission equipment, and reduce maintenance requirements and service costs.

 Did you know ... silicone high-voltage insulator coatings
perform for 10 years or more, while some other protection methods must be reapplied every 18-36 months. Imagine
the long-term cost savings of silicone!

Learn about other competitive advantages of silicones.

Versatile material options
Silicones for power and utility applications come in many forms:

  • Compounds and elastomers for coating high-voltage insulators
  • Rubber for fabricating insulators, wire, cable, and accessories
  • Fluids for transformers and underground cable restoration
  • Electrical varnishes and resins for insulating motors and transformers
  • Sealants, adhesives, and lubricants for power station maintenance

Learn more about the different forms of silicone.

Did you know ... silicones can both resist heat and conduct (or dissipate) it!

Open the silicone toolbox to learn more about the many things silicones can be and do.

Expand your understanding

Success stories:
Keeping the power flowing to 500,000 people in the Philippines

Taiwan Power Company extends maintenance intervals from weeks to years with silicone

Learn about silicones from Dow Corning:
Visit the Dow Corning Power and Utilities Solutions website.

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